Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hughes Net CEO, Pradman P. Kaul allows customers to suffer...

(Hughes Net. CEO, Pradman Kaul, pictured in this photo for "Spacenews." Kaul is the leader of the satellite internet provider Hughes Net, which seems to "space out" when it comes to providing actual service for the money. But he's one of many "fat" and happy CEO's whose financial success does not rely on customer satisfaction. And the FCC has little or no interest in raising any alarms as to the potentially criminal business practices artfully done at Hughes net.

Hughes net, a leader in corporate tyranny is being run by a man named, Pradman Kaul. It appears Mr. Kaul has some serious problems with creating a fair playing field for his customers.

I'm sure his background is in "how much money can I get" business practices as if this the only mark of success.

Success was once considered by how many customers a company could keep, not how many they could scam.

But the illustrious Mr. Kaul, who seems to get awards from different organizations, must not have these people doling out the praise, on his list of customers.


Because this is the most terrible company since Microsoft. They are in it to win it and the prize is every dime they can pickpocket from their customers.

Watch President Obama will hold him up as an example of good business practices. We know that Obama likes anyone who will shift some dough or false praise his way.

What are wrong with these people that money obviously doesn't buy?

They can't be happy to rip off people everyday can they?

It appears so my friends. If you have trouble it is not because of the person you have from customer support or tech support, it is these fish slurping up the worms at the top of the corporate food chain.

I personally would like to offer Mr. Kaul and associates, all the money left in my pocket at this time. It appears they need it more than I, because I am NOT out ripping people off or vying constantly for an extra buck. LOL

Pradman P. Kaul – Chief Executive Officer and President of
Hughes Communications, Inc. (HCI)
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of
Hughes Network Systems, LLC (HNS)
Grant A. Barber – Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
T. Paul Gaske – Executive Vice President
Bahram Pourmand – Executive Vice President
Adrian Morris – Executive Vice President
Dean A. Manson – Senior Vice President, General Counsel, and Secretary
Thomas J. McElroy – Chief Accounting Officer
Deepak V. Dutt -- Vice President, Treasurer, and Investor Relations Officer
Cleo V. Belmonte – Assistant Secretary
Andrew D. Africk – Director
O. Gene Gabbard – Director
Jeffrey A. Leddy -- Director
Lawrence J. Ruisi – Director
Aaron J. Stone – Director
Michael D. Weiner – Director

The FCC lead by this man, with the uncomfortable smile, Julius Genachowski, does nothing to stop these practices. His leadership brings a bad name to leadership, but then we US citizens are used to being duped by the political types.

This situation is no different, I'm afraid.

Lay on the complaints but don't waste too much time as you have "Hughes Net" internet service and it will take forever with their downloading speeds....LOL


  1. Does anyone know of a lawsuit or legal action taken against them?

  2. I was hooked up with Hughes Net in April. I cancelled service on 5/31 due to poor internet service. Hughes Net has charged us approx. $470 (internet service for 45 days). I was not told by customer service that there was a 2 year contract on the service. I'm told that it is in the fine print of form we signed AFTER equipment was installed. I have to send back equipment which means that I must climb onto our roof to get transmitter from the satellite dish. This is not safe for us. I am a 57 year old woman; my husband is 70. We are both on disability. Removal of equipment should be the responsibility of the provider. Hughes Net needs to tell customer at the time customer calls for installation about the 2 year contract. It is sneaky putting it fine print on form that we signed AFTER equipment is already installed. In addition, charging $88 per month for internet service is ludicrous. I'm now paying $75 for internet AND phone service. Hughes Net needs to shut down!

    1. Get Exede. They will give you perks to switch and will send a tech out to remove the equipment

    2. Get Exede. They will give you perks to switch and will send a tech out to remove the equipment

  3. We have been disrespected and treated as though we the customer are "trying to get over" on them when all we want is customer service and issue taken care of. It has been a nightmare! We have spent hours on the phone much of that time on hold so they can transfer us to the next person so we have to go over it all again. They have not helped us not credited us what they promised. They instead keep demanding money and threatening our credit. We didn't even have internet active and they still tried telling us we owed them??? Horrible service, horrible company... Don't get Hughes Net. Nothing but problems with no help. Our story goes on and still no help.

    1. I am a victim too and I think the better idea is to do a fusion and call them in court. We can create an account to communicate about the process

    2. I am a victim too and I think the better idea is to do a fusion and call them in court. We can create an account to communicate about the process

  4. I have won a judgement against HughesNet and if someone will help me come up with who the sumbags bank with I would love nothing more than to obtain a garnishee order and tie up their bank account. I tried calling to get my money out of them and the morons put some idiot biddy on who never did understand they owed me money and could care less. I have judgement against them but need someone's help in locating their bank. If you can help me please email me at or call 205 454 3153 I will forever be grateful.